What is the bail process and how to I use a bail bond?


If you have found yourself trying to bail a person out of jail it is more than likely the first time. This is a process that only a fraction of the population must learn, but it is common nonetheless. In order for a person to be bailed out a jail a few things must first happen. This is the general process for posting bail for a friend or relative when using a bail bond from a professional bail bond agency.

Arrest occurs

An arrest occurs when a police officer sees evidence or deems a person to be likely responsible for a crime and they are brought into the jail. Here the person must be entered into the jail system, given a booking number and photographed, prior to being sent to their holding cell in the local municipality jail.


Arraignment is when the person who has been arrested appears in front of a judge and hears all of the charges brought against them. The person will also learn what their bail amount is. In some cases a jail may have a bail schedule that automatically places the amount for the defendant based on their crime. However, during an arraignment a judge may also prevent a person from being bailed on if they are deemed to be a risk to society or if they are considered a flight risk.

Posting bail with a bail bond

Once a bail amount has been establish a person can be bailed out. The most affordable and convenient way to post bail is by using a bail bond issued by a professional bail bondsman. In order to have them file the bond a small fee, generally 10 to 15 percent of the total bail amount must be paid.

Appearing and court

Following the release of the defendant it is necessary for them to appear at each and every court date they have in order to prevent having an arrest warrant served for their capture.

After court

Depending on the outcome of the court a person may be free to go if found innocent, or if convicted of a crime they could be directed straight to jail, or told to report to jail on a certain day to serve their sentence.

While the process is relatively simple, the emotions involved are not. If you have questions regarding bail bonds in Marin County get in touch with family owned 5 Star Bail Bonds, recently voted best of the county! We are dedicated to helping people during their time of need. Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (415) 479-4800 to request more information or to post bail in San Rafael or elsewhere in the area.

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