5 Common Misdemeanors


5 Common MisdemeanorsSometimes a person makes a simple mistake that ends up with them being behind bars. Other times, they willfully commit a crime, and the result is the same. Many of the most common crimes in America fall under the category of misdemeanor. While these types of crimes aren't as serious as felonies, they can result in jail time and have an impact on your ability to get a job, find housing or take out loans.

Petty Theft

Petty theft covers many different property crimes in which a person takes something that does not belong to them. This can include many things and varies jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Common forms of petty theft include everything from shoplifting and petty larceny to grand theft automobile, however many states have a dollar limit on what constitutes petty theft vs. felony theft.

Basic Assault

In the most basic sense of the term basic assault, it means hurting someone without meaning to injure them, but this can be interpreted in many ways. It could also mean you initiated unwanted contact with a person, no matter how harmless.

Public Intoxication

In most cities and towns across America it is illegal to be intoxicated in public, as this can result in the engagement of disorderly conduct. While it is legal to drink in public in some cities, such as Las Vegas, it is still illegal to be drunk.

Indecent Exposure

While everyone has their own definition of indecent, this crime generally refers to a person exposing their private areas to another person who does not wish to see them. You may also be charged with this if you are caught urinating in public.


If you enter onto someone else's property without their permission and are contact by police you may be charged with a misdemeanor.

Getting charged with a misdemeanor isn't the most serious of crimes, but it still requires a good defense to beat or receive a minimal sentence. If someone you care about has been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor they may be held until their court date, but this means they may not get the representation they deserve. Getting misdemeanor bail in San Rafael or elsewhere in California is simple when you call 5 Star Bail Bonds. Posting bail for your loved one will ensure they get the help they need for their case. Call us at (415) 479-4800 to for fast San Rafael bail bonds today!

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