4 Reasons to Post Bail for a Loved One


It can be very difficult receiving a phone call from the local jail informing you that a friend or loved one has been locked up, especially if it is the first offense for the person. While the facts may still be coming out of the woodwork, one question will likely come up rather quickly, "Can you post bail?" Depending on your personal relationship and financial situation you may not have an answer for the new defendant right away, and it's important to think about what to do. However, it is wise to consider the benefits the person recently locked up will have if you do post bail for them. If you firmly believe that they will not skip their future court dates, leaving you with a large bond to pay, here are 4 reasons why you should post bail for a friend or loved one if you're asked.

1. Gives them an opportunity to seek out a lawyer

In order to have the best defense in court it is important to find a lawyer who will gracefully represent you. When you offer a person the chance to get out of jail before their court date they can find an attorney that will take their case and fight hard for their freedom.

2. They can prepare their case

Once a lawyer has been found the defendant and attorney can rightfully put together their case. This can be very difficult while behind bars. For the best chance of being found innocent a person needs to be able to openly interact with their lawyer in order to get all of the facts of the incident at hand straight.

3. They can keep their job (for the time being, at least)

One of the most unfortunate side effects of getting locked up, even for a short period of time, is the chance that the defendant may lose their job. If they are unable to attend work thanks to the steel gray bars they get to stare at an employer will likely find a replacement. If a person can get out of jail quickly they can report for work as normal and continue to do so until they're due in court, and hopefully after as well!

4. They can prepare for the future

In dire circumstances a defendant may be well aware that they're going to be spending some amount of time in jail in the near future. By being released on bail they can prepare everything necessary prior to heading off to county. This may include child or pet care, financial issues, school, canceling bills and the like.

It is a huge favor to be able to give someone the freedom they need in order to best prepare for their future. If you need a bail bond in Marin County be sure to speak with the experts at 5 Star Bail Bonds. We offer fast, discreet service at affordable rates and we are conveniently located across the street from the jail. Give us a call at (415) 479-4800 to ask us any questions about bail bonds or to let us post bail in San Rafael for your loved one!

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