When it's Time to Post Bail


When it's Time to Post BailIn general, when a person is arrested as the suspect of a crime they will be booked into jail and go through an arraignment process. During the arraignment the defendant hears the charges against them and a judge will set the bail amount. This is the amount that must be paid in order for the defendant to be released from jail while they await their upcoming court dates. In some jails a bail schedule is used to attach a bail amount to a particular charge, which allows for faster release in many situations. So, what exactly is bail?

Bail is a civil right that (most) suspected criminals are granted. Most is in parentheses because a judge may deny bail to a suspect of a violent crime or that may be a high flight risk. Since a person is innocent until proven guilty, they are allowed to be released from jail, but to ensure that the defendant shows up in court a person must put up collateral, generally the full cash value of the bail amount, which can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for some crimes. While a majority of this money is returned to the payer following the end of a trial, it is understandably difficult to come up with so much cash.

Even paying small bail amounts, like $1,000 or $5,000, can be difficult for the average person, as most families don't budget for posting bail. However, getting loved ones out of jail prior to their court date is really important as it allows them to live a normal life. This includes being able to continue working or going to school, tending to their family and following through on other day to day commitments. Being released from jail also provides them the opportunity to find expert legal representation for their case.

If you can't afford the full bail amount to have your friend or family member released from jail there is another option, and it is much more affordable. Bail bonds help alleviate the financial burden of getting someone out of jail. Bail bonds cost only a small percentage of the full bail amount, generally about 10 percent. Bail bonds are an affordable alternative for posting bail, thus allowing your loved one to be released before their day in court.

If you need to post bail in San Rafael or throughout Marin County contact the professionals at 5 Star Bail Bonds. We offer expert bail services, affordable payment plans and around the clock availability. To learn more about posting bail or to request a bail bond in Marin County give us a call at (415) 479-4800, day or night.

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