What's the Point of Posting Bail?


What's the Point of Posting Bail?Having a friend or relative end up in jail can be quite infuriating, especially if they are facing serious charges. However, if you care about them you won't want to let them sit behind bars as their court date looms. By posting their bail you can help them get their life after charges situated. The following are four reasons why you should post bail for a loved one who has been arrested. Remember though, only post their bail if you can trust them, as it is your legal responsibility to make sure that they don't miss court.

Obtain proper legal help

When you post bail for someone they will be released from behind bars under the condition that they show up in court. Speaking of court, they will need legal representation. It can be difficult to find the right legal assistance from behind bars, When a person is released they can connect with lawyers to go over their case who can help them prepare to fight for the best possible outcome.

Continue working

If the arrested person has a job or is in school they will quickly be fired or fall far behind in class work if they miss too many days due to being in jail. When you post their bail they can get back to work or their studies right away. They will also be able to try and make arrangements with their managers or teachers that deal with potential outcomes of their case.

Prepare for life after court

As mentioned above, the defendant will need to prepare for the worst, as in jail time. If there's a chance that they will be locked up for any amount of time they'll need to make arrangements for their home, family, pets, children and so on and so forth. Doing this from behind bars can be extremely difficult.

It's the defendant's right

Innocent until proven guilty, correct? The defendant has the right to be free from lock up pending their trial, even if it does require you to put up cash to get them out.

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